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Welcome to the New Ebony Cactus magazine, an exciting and eclectic view of life, and leisure. You may be asking, "Why did we change the Ebony Cactus?" or "What's in it [changes in the magazine] for me?" For us, the answers were written on the wall. I shall discuss this further and hope you’ll agree.

You who are reading this editorial and will soon click through the pages of the New Ebony Cactus are a wise consumer. You enjoy, want or have all the things that are associated with fine living. You ski, go horseback riding, enjoy Tuscan style living as well all types of art. Your children attend private school, but you keep them grounded by taking them to Boy or Girl Scout meetings. You display exquisitely your savoir-faire during a compromising dining experience while a seven-figure deal is about to happen at an enchanting Bistro. You want a little something different in the way of clothing and style.

You are growing, expanding, developing, and experiencing life in a whole new way. We want to be a part of that new life. Therefore, we will focus on all things in the areas of culture, cuisine and couture. The Ebony Cactus has and may have many faces over the years. One thing you may be sure of. It will ALWAYS hold true to the meaning of its name. Strength, Endurance, Change.


Angela Brooks
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Current Edition: April-May 2007