Current Edition: April-May 2007
ECLECTICA! Culture, Cuisine, Couture
In This Edition: V.6 No. 2
Cover Story:  The French Bee

By pure serendipity is the best way to describe how most people come across this treasured trove of home and garden goodies. Only then will you be able to relish the bounty you will find inside. The French Bee (FB) is like being in HGTV accessories Heaven. Located in the mid/central Phoenix area, the French Bee knocks you for a loop once its been spotted. This is because the FB retail shop shows like a fine glass of merlot laced with diamond ice cubes. Once inside serious shoppers might feel they've arrived. A novice shopper simply won't know what hit them, but will work the shopping program all the same.

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Table of Contents

Page 3.          Table of Contents
                  Staff & Contacts

Page 7.           Editorial

Page 16.         Index of Advertisers

Books, Art & Entertainment

        Page 11.      The Value of an Artist
                     Dr. Eugene Grigsby Pt 1.
                     By  Jackie Muhammad

        Page 14.      Book Review Freed Indeed


        Page 27.        Are You Ready for a Personal Chef?  
                                 By Amanda Miller


        Page 17.        Designer Handbags

        Page 19.        Queen of Topper
                         By Rena Blackburn

        Page 25.         A Day of Indulgence
                          By LaTrecia Morrison

        Page 30,        Taming the Wild Tresses West
                           By Rena Blackburn

Home & Garden

        Page 29.      Interior Design and Building Resources

        Page 36.      HGTV Comes to the Desert

        Page 37.      The French Bee
                       By Angela Brooks

Mind Body & Soul

        Page 21.          How to Get the Most Out of  Your Massage     
                                   Appointment    By Cherie Harris

Professional Life

        Page 32.          Working Uninsured
                       By Yvette D. Schmitter

Page 39.         Classifieds

Page 40.         Next Edition

Page 41.         Legal
Volume 6. Number 2.
Sunday, May 20, 2007
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