February 2007
In This Edition: V.6 No. 1
Cover Story: Doing Well While Doing Good: African American Developer Soars in South Mountain Village

Developer Del-Monte Edwards was born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio. "For most of my life I told people I was going to be in read-estate. I use to say that I was the neighborhood champion of Monopoly," said Del-Monte. After finishing college with studies in economics, politics and naturally real estate, he came to Phoenix in 1996 when his wife Tonsa, was offered a job at the Dial Corporation. He knew that he could do real estate anywhere in the country. It was just a matter of getting re licensed. Soon after he accepted the director's position over Tanner Properties where he remained for a number of years.

Edwards had always had a vision of developing affordable housing. However, while looking for locations to fulfill his vision, he was offered a different kind of property at 15th street and Baseline road in Phoenix. "This was great opportunity to put together housing geared for the land it is sitting on and use them as a springboard to build affordable homes later." Said Del-Monte. Thus, Casitas Grande @ South Mountain was developed under his own company AME Reality Services.

Located along the scenic Baseline Corridor, Casitas Grande is a 34 home subdivision designed along European "Tuscan" lines. These are semi-custom homes with a lot of upgrades build in," said Edwards. "We wanted homes with the quality one would find in Scottsdale (an upscale suburb of Phoenix). For example, the insulation has been increased in the walls and the windows to save the owner on energy costs and doors have been changed from wood to fiberglass to reduce maintenance. In addition all the houses are pre-wired for cable and satellite." The single and two-story homes range from $307,900 to $355,000 in price and range from 1,747 to 1,996 square feet in size.

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Volume 6. Number 1.
Sunday, May 20, 2007
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